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A New Year means changes, resolutions, or goals and I definitely have one. To lose weight. Ugh, hate putting it out there but it has to happen. I should say, I am 6 pounds down. Silent applause. I want to lose weight without any supplements or powders, but as natural, as organic and safe as possible. So far so good and if this thing I am doing is a success, THEN, I will share the secret program. In the mean time, I also need to get active and that doesn’t mean moving furniture around. I use to play tennis, I even played for my high school. But stopped when I got married and had kids. Story of our lives. 


2017 Interior Design Trends

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Okay so we all know, every year new interior design trends emerge. It happens in the fashion world too but I don’t really “get” those (eek, sorry, it’s just that I wear what I feel comfortable in but obviously I don’t want to look out of date…okay, I get it know!). Anyhoo, I decided to start my own thread of blog posts about trends and what I would pick. Surely someone besides my mom and my sister-in-law in Spain would say they love just because they love me. Now, I know you can google “trends 2017,” but even the interior paint community cannot agree. Pantone picked Greenery (hmmmm), Benjamin Moore picked the opposite with an elegant dark purple called Shadow, and Sherwin Williams picked a Poised Taupe. So what is a homeowner to do?


Foyer Table Styling

Mirror in the foyer. Is it or isn’t it Feng Shui? I mean seriously, I was once told that you have to have a mirror on the wall opposite your main entrance to bounce off bad / evil vibes. Then, I was told NO mirror opposite the door and to the side for better Feng Shui. Well, Feng Shui or not, I have had a substantial mirror in my foyer. I love the fact that it physically should be bouncing off evil vibes as the walk in, and I love the idea of one last mirror check before opening the door. You know what I mean, checking to see if there is any spinach between your teeth before you answer the door bell. So, for almost 10 years I had the same estate sale find mirror. It did the trick but then this something happened. 


Desk Ideas For Kids Rooms

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It’s happening, my babies are becoming young men and they need a kids desk space. They are growing fast that they like actually smell when they wake up in the morning. So they shower now before school. Then, at the end of the day after school and sports, they smell again. Two showers a day! As a mom it happens, that moment you realize they are not babies anymore, and for me, it was their smell. That baby smell long gone. Reality set in and I needed to make their spaces feel more grown-up. Bye bye bunk beds and hello desks and study spaces.


Tips For A Budget Saving Holiday Tablescape

The holidays are here and for some reason I have not been on my game. I have fallen behind on all my decorations and I am starting to get nervous. Then I thought, I can’t be the only one and we need ways to get the decorations out with what we have, and make it look great. So head on over to Ablissful Nest  today to see my top money and time saving tips for your holiday table-scape.


Holiday Card Organizer

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We all get them, sometimes we get them from people we don't know, sometimes they take up so much space you don't know what to do with it. I don't know about you, but, I always had trouble deciding where to display them in my home. Then I realized, I just don’t like to display them. It isn’t my style. One day I saw this genius idea and I have been doing it for the last 5 years. 


Holiday Decorations 2016

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The holidays are here and I am freaking out. I usually have my entire home decked out and ready to go by the first of December and I thought it wouldn’t be a problem this year. BUT, life is just taking over. I was hoping his blog post would be my finished holiday d├ęcor and instead, it is “where-I-am-at-so-far-post.” Ugh, wish I could be done so we can enjoy for the full month of December but my work and kids are keeping me busy. Now, there are times the last week that I was home, and it was evening and I probably could have finished it off instead of watch Real Housewives or Fixer Upper but I was just pooped. Like just needed time to zone out cause of exhaustion. But no more, need to get back into gear and get this done.


Thanksgiving Tablscape & Mantel

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Another year has gone by and it has been one I am oh so thankful for. From friends to experiences and my family. Like any year there are the downs, the issues, but, it is in those moments you learn who are your true friends and even family. For that reason I am so excited to host this year. To bring those who have always been there for me and my family. To enjoy the day and my way of saying "thank you" is to style with love and cook everything from the heart. So to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving.