Vintage Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape

Last year for Thanksgiving I wanted a clean white Thanksgiving tablescape. I added pops of burlap, gold, black and not much else. Click here to see it all. 
This year I literally opted for the complete opposite and had the means to finally do it. In other words, I have spent years working on building my vintage set collections. I have always wanted a large set of Vintage Indiana Glasses in blue and amber. So at every Estate Sale or flea market I search for the glasses and collect them organically. I have also began a collection of vintage English dinner plates. These plates have taken me a little longer to collect organically, but so worth the wait. Lastly, brass candlesticks. I literally have been grabbing them when I find a deal. 
So finally, after a few years I have enough glasses, plates and candle sticks to set a table for Thanksgiving 2015! 
The setting process usually begins 1-2 weeks prior and finally is complete with fresh flowers a few days before. 

Check out the final look


Master Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Back in August I wrote about my search for new master bedroom light fixtures (you can read more about that here). I knew I wanted the light fixtures to have some aged brass and also not your typical style.
At first, I searched for a ceiling light fixture that had to be semi flush, or under 18 inches long,  and when viewing it from underneath it had a unique view. 

Now, I didn't want a unique view for when I am laying in bed, ha, but from the street. I know I know, why? Well, I don't live on the quietest street, don't get me wrong, it is a "quiet" tree lined street, but a lot of people walk my street. So, if you are like me, when I am driving or walking by a home at night, and the lights are one, I always peak in!


Antique Plate Gallery Wall

A few years ago I wanted to start a gallery wall in my dining room with antique plates, and yes, it is still a work in progress. It's not in me to do a one stop shop and pick up a collection, but to find the right pieces that I truly enjoy, even if it takes a little longer. 
So, I am missing a plate of some kind in the upper left corner, see pic below. I am hoping for something square or oblong. In the mean time, I thought I post the work in progress so far. 

So each plate and that water color all have a story of course! Check out the up close shots below.


West Elm Bar Cart

I recently had the opportunity to attend a West Elm event. As expected I got captivated by their bar cart. I have used this cart a couple times in client design boards, but it was great to see how versatile, simple and elegant it was in person.
Glamming it up with some ornaments, or staging it with Sweet Mandy B cupcakes, it was perfection. And, yes, Chicago's very own Sweet Mandy's turned this bar cart into a sweet spot. 
Bar carts are not just for your favorite drinks, I recently turned our bar cart into a dessert cart for my son's birthday party.

 Below, you can see how West Elm did the same, or shop the look. Also, West Elm sells the perfect little cupcake holder, it's actually a dessert cup, but they hold the perfect size cupcake. Love it! Cause then they are totally stackable and your guest can just grab one!


10 Year Old Boy Birthday Tablescape

This past week my baby, okay, my oldest turned 10 years old! My gosh, where did the decade go? Of course, I broke down a couple times thinking how fast the decade went by and realizing that the next decade will probably go by even faster. Then, I will have a young 20 year old man! Bah bah bah. Not fair. 
Well, regardless of my emotional state, it still calls for a family birthday dinner. He is officially out of the double digits, so no little kiddie looking table, he will have real plates, not paper, and silverware. (shhhh, I didn't use my fine china or even my day to day silverware, you know, just in case) and with the crazy schedules I had to throw this tablescape together in a day! I know, not normal, I usually set things up a week earlier but Fall has been nuts. 

This year, you know, since he is 10, he made the name place cards. He had to write a Thank you for each person that came, and one positive happy thought he had about that person. When they sat down and opened the card, it hopefully put a small smile on each of their faces. Of course we went around and everyone then read it aloud too. Below is more photos of this grown up kids Fall tablescape. 


Goldfish Swim School Evanston + Giveaway

Last month little Lucy and I ventured out to Goldfish Swim School in Evanston. Knowing that the winter months were upon us, I knew I needed to find a fun activity to get through the winter. More importantly, Lucy is 2 years old, when summer comes back in a few months I want to hit the beach/pool and not worry. So swim lessons here we come!

I know, the facility is A MAZE ING and it's decor is perfect. Keep reading to see more about the facility, BUT, first, I have partnered with Goldfish Swim school for this even more
giveaway. Enter the giveaway at the end of this post and you can win 1 whole month of free lessons. I KNOW! You can literally kiss winter goodbye and get through 1 month of winter at Goldfish Swim School.