Holiday Decorations 2016

Christmas Holiday Banister Decorations www.homewithkeki.com #interiors #christmasdecorations

The holidays are here and I am freaking out. I usually have my entire home decked out and ready to go by the first of December and I thought it wouldn’t be a problem this year. BUT, life is just taking over. I was hoping his blog post would be my finished holiday d├ęcor and instead, it is “where-I-am-at-so-far-post.” Ugh, wish I could be done so we can enjoy for the full month of December but my work and kids are keeping me busy. Now, there are times the last week that I was home, and it was evening and I probably could have finished it off instead of watch Real Housewives or Fixer Upper but I was just pooped. Like just needed time to zone out cause of exhaustion. But no more, need to get back into gear and get this done.


Thanksgiving Tablscape & Mantel

Thanksgiving mantel with DIY striped candles www.homewithkeki.com

Another year has gone by and it has been one I am oh so thankful for. From friends to experiences and my family. Like any year there are the downs, the issues, but, it is in those moments you learn who are your true friends and even family. For that reason I am so excited to host this year. To bring those who have always been there for me and my family. To enjoy the day and my way of saying "thank you" is to style with love and cook everything from the heart. So to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving. 


Holiday Gift Giving Basket For The Holidays

                                                         Thank you to Cost Plus World Market For Sponsoring This Post
                                                         Thank you to Cost Plus World Market For Sponsoring This Post
The holidays are upon us and with three kids, for them, it becomes all about, “me, me, me, what is Santa bringing me?” The season can easily turn into the idea of gift giving and receiving for the simple reason that it is the holidays. The meaning gets lost. So, when Cost Plus WorldMarket asked me to create a basket for someone special, I knew exactly who that person was, and, it was someone we had NEVER met before, ever. We all know this person, because we all have someone like her/him on our block…the senior widow who lives alone. She/he is always there, sits at the window, watches the kids go to and from school. We all walk or drive past their house every day and never wave or stop to say hello. Well, not anymore. They deserve more respect and kindness from their neighbors and it will start with my kids. What an amazing moment it was and the numerous connections we ended up having. Why oh why did it take so many years to just stop by? The joy on all of us to hear my kids say, “Happy Holidays, this is a gift basket for you from your neighbors that care about you!” My heart melted cause her reaction was unexpected and I felt blessed to have caught it on video.


Small Space Boys Room : Boys To Men Bedroom

This past summer I have seen my boys grow up too fast. They act, say, do things that surprise me because I think they are still little. Then my oldest headed to middle school and got "real" homework for the first time in his life. He needed a space to not just do homework, but to hang out. A space (that he shares with his younger brother) that he can hang out with his friends or simply be alone when he needs to be. It was these boys of mine, growing up too fast, that made their room the next project to take on. 


D.I.Y Striped Candle Tapers

Very excited to start sharing all my holiday designs and ideas to get us all through the next couple months. So, head on over to A Blissful Nest today as I am honored to be sharing my D.I.Y striped candles and Thanksgiving mantel over there. 


Staircase Runner

wool staircase runner

We did it! We got our new staircase completed and I couldn’t be happier. No joke, I literally took months to pick out a runner. You can see my initial choices here.  I knew I wanted light in color, I knew I wanted 100% wool, and I knew I wanted something a little more than basic in design, but nothing too trendy. You know, like the geometric runners. I love them! But, just couldn’t commit on a trendy design that might be out in five years. My budget is not that flexible. After months of back and forth I literally ended up picking a rug that was not in my initial plan for a few reasons.


Fall Must Haves For 2016

This past weekend was truly one of my best weekends in a while! It wasn’t because I did NOT spend my entire Sunday in a cold ice rink, cause I really do enjoy it, no, for real, I love watching kids hockey all day. But, it was a perfect weekend because I got to co-host a bloggers event at Cost Plus World Market with Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters. She is just the sweetest there is. I also discovered she has 5 kids. PHEW! I knew right then and there I wasn’t alone in this blogging world of hard working moms.


Repairing Vintage Staircases

Updating older staircases, painting staircase banisters black with white spindles, #DIY #oldhomes #staircases www.homewithkeki.com

You know when you’re starting what is should be a simple home renovation project, like replacing your staircase runner,  and it turns into something not so simple? Yeah, well, I have heard horror stories recently so I cannot complain, but I had a little hiccup in a home renovation of my own. At the end, discovering what was under the carpet was well worth it but, it is oh so true, when they say always expect your budget to go up.