Orange Fall Decor

I'm doing it. I am going all old school with my Fall decor this year. Some years I go all white with a pop of orange and maroon. Some years I have going all vintage but, this year I am doing it. Going all traditional with orange orange and more shades of orange. Bringing in natural woods and images on pillows! Bam! Hello Fall and here are some of my new Fall favorites.


Bathroom Remodel Under $10,000

When it comes to gutting your kitchen or bathroom you can easily expect to spend over $10,000. However, maybe you can't afford to spend that or simply you don't want to spend that. I just didn't want to spend that much cause I knew I didn't have to. First and foremost I needed contractors, and I knew a bulk of the budget would be going to them. However, having the better contractors (not the cheapest) is the way to go. They won't mess up on your install (or even demolition) which can add cost and additional change-orders to the budget. Sometimes they can even make a "lower end" tile look great if they know how to do flawless work. I had contractors quote me $10,000, $6,000, $7,000 and even $12,000. I opted for the middle man based on price and based on our initial consult. Everything I listed as a "want", he said was doable. So with a majority of the budget going to contractors I needed to find ways to create bathroom on a budget. 


5 Ways To Have A Chic Kid Friendly Bathroom

I recently did a bathroom remodel and one of the main design quests was to keep it kid friendly without it looking like a rubber ducky spa. I wanted to keep the integrity of the design to reflect the home and feel timeless by using higher end finishes and style. But, if you look closely it is all designed with the kids in mind. Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. 


Toddler Birthday Pool Party

My baby girl turned 3! I can't believe it, well, sometimes I can. I mean, lets be real. The days are long and the years are short. Right? It seems like just yesterday I cuddled her in my arms at the hospital, but there are days that I look up and see the clock read 4:45p.m. and think, "OH MY GOD four more hours in the day!" Literally, how is that possible? We had breakfast, made the beds, ran 115 different errands, went to swim school, did laundry, made lunch, cleaned the house, stopped at the park ("slide slide slide" she yells every time we drive past a park), washed the car, put gas, stopped at the bank, stopped at Walgreens (cause we always need something from Walgreens), took boys to hockey, picked up from hockey, took another to soccer, picked up from soccer, stopped at their tutoring center, made dinner, played with the neighbors, cleaned up the house, AGAIN, and the day is still not over at 4:45. Oh yeah and I work almost daily now.  

Ugh, the days are so long but the years are flying by. So when my little Lucy turned 3 I wanted to celebrate with her all time favorite activity, swimming.


Modern Meets Traditional Styled Bathroom

It has happened. It is hard to believe but the bathroom remodel is complete. Like any home renovation things and life happen and, what you wish you could have completed in record time got finished in real time. The actual demo and work was perfect and just about flawless thanks to the patience of my amazing contractors. It was the design deciscions to be made before demo and the finishing touches that added time, BUT all I can say is pour me a glass of bubbly and fill the tub!
Here, let me remind you of my design plan and the outdated bath before pics 


Getting A Little Personal

I don't have a personal blog. This blog is not about my daily life or family, but I truly try to stay on brand with what my passion is, interiors. However, I blog and capture my home, vacations, and life through the lens of interiors, and sometimes life throws you a curve ball, no matter what you blog about, and you need to take a step back. 

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, maybe you noticed more so on social media (instagram), that I took a solid month off and even questioned if I would return. I know! NO posting, no commenting, no likes, no nothing. So what happened?


Adding A Shower Niche

A shower niche was a must in my bathroom gut remodel. You know when you decide to gut a space, you create a must have list? Well, one of the many on my bathroom remodel was to install a shower niche. No more soap or shampoo bottles sitting at the edge of the tub ALWAYS falling and no more meaningless soap shelves that are just not big enough to hold anything, even a bar a soap.  So, when I was searching for contractors my first questions was, "can you add a niche?" And yes, some contractors said, "cannot guarantee it" or simply "no," and it was at that exact moment I moved on to the next contractor.
As you may be following, we have gutted the bathroom and now it is time to re-build.