Designer Kitchens Of The North Shore

I am so excited cause it's that time of year again - The 6th Annual Designer Kitchens Tour of Chicago
Only one week away and you know I will be there, but, even more exciting is that they are giving away tickets to two of my lucky readers. I know!

Okay, so maybe you haven't toured previous years and wondering, "Should I go?"
Ummmm, yes, because you will have the rare opportunity to tour five beautiful North Shore kitchens and chat with the designers who created them, and there's more.


Blue Front Door Colors

This past week I got one of my dream interior design clients. So, they are nice and all but that is not what makes it my dream client. They are in the final stages of building their dream home, and you won't believe it, but it's my dream home too!
It's not a full blown Modern American Farmhouse but a Modern Rustic Familyhouse, truly can't get better than that. 
So, on the list of to-do's
1. Exterior colors
2. Interior colors
3. Interior flooring
4.  All fixtures
5. Window treatments
With the exterior siding and black shutters getting installed we needed to select the perfect front door color.

I narrowed it down to my top three picks.


One Room Challenge Week 4

Ugh! so the ONE room challenge has officially turned into the TWO room challenge.  Kohler bathroom remodel here we come!
This is my first every challenge so I am completely blaming it on that fact. I will for sure plan better next go around. Anyway, we are attacking the second floor bathroom at this point, and trust you me that it is not a simple task. Mainly because now I am hunting down a couple contractors to help me out. Before I can even begin a new room design I have to pull together all final decisions on a board. Same way I did for the main room challenge here
So here is the bathroom mood board...I think. Had to pull this together fast. 

This bathroom gets a lot of wear and tear from the kids so I wanted it to function well but at the same time remain timeless, you know, that stager in me thinking "if we sell" it needs to still be trendy. 
Okay, stay tuned. 


One Room Challenge Week 3

WARNING: Photos Are Not Pretty, I Repeat, Photos Are NOT Pretty
It's week 3 of the Room One Challenge and all I can see is, yuck.
But good yuck because we have progress. All the carpeting was been removed. I was secrely hoping that I would find the prestine condition wood underneath that wouldn't need any repairs. The floors would have been so good that we would just leave it as. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Jokes on me.

Well, find out what has been the biggest game changer of them all for this One Room Challenge below.


Gilles Marini Treehouse by World Market

"A huge thanks to World Market for sponsoring today's post"
With summer just around the corner some may considering a treehouse in their backyards. Well, Gilles Marini was not only considering it, but building it himself for his daughter. I know, dreamy, right?!?
Well, apparently he is also a fan of Cost Plus World Market 

And guess what guys, I am a brand ambassador for World Market, I know! So ,I got to submit tree house designs for Gilles Marini to consider. The mere fact that THE Gilles Marini looked at my designs still gives me chills. Literally, chills. 
Well, he picked my dear fellow Tribe Ambassador Kelly of Eclectically Vintage, who by the way I have followed and ADORED for some time now. If you haven't you must follow her blog. Either way check out her Tree House design for Gilles below.


Favorite Anthropologie GIft Ideas

All you need to style your coffee table from Anthropologie. Perfection. So I am a little bias to the Barcelona book cause I miss my nephews so much BUT it makes a perfect coffee table book, with their Flora vases, pop in a little greenery and seriously cannot get enough of the brass mirrored tray by Anthropologie. I would have one on top of my bedroom dresser too.

Anthropologie Picks Week 5