Women's Wood Watches

It won’t happen. Life just won’t slow down. Every night I crawl into bed soar, like literally, feel some aches. Then 5-6 hours later I jolt out of bed (cause I slept passed 6:00a.m.) and the eyes are still heavy. We, moms, feel it. I know I am not the first mom of three kids, but there is something to be said to having multiple kids in three different age groups. I mean, I am dealing with some pre-teen issues, plus the innocence of an eight year-old, all the while potty training another. Literally, if you could hear how I speak…


Foyer Lantern Chandelier

I think we have officially come full circle. Back in May I started my foyer/staircase makeover and knew that since I had waited so long for this makeover, I wanted to do it right and that starts with lighting. I have always said how important the foyer/entrance is. Literally anyone who knocks on your door will see this space. They might not see your bathroom, great room, or even the master bedroom, but the foyer sets the tone and style for the rest of the home so why not take time to have the perfect lighting and colors.


Chippendale Bamboo Dining Chairs

I know, you’re probably wondering, What's wth this beautiful cover photo on today’s blog post? Insert sarcasm. But I wanted to show you the ugly, behind the scenes, of finding your dream furniture pieces. I waited 10 years to find my Chippendale Bamboo Chairs and it was well worth it. I had shared my amazing auction find recently but I wanted to show you the condition of when I picked them. Nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t handle.


Dining Room Fall Decorations

The room that brings family together. Dining Rooms. I always wanted a large dining room. Some people don’t even want dining rooms in their homes any more because it could be a space you only use 4 times a year. But, I think the dining room will always be a space that kids will have special memories of. Dressing up for Christmas Eve Dinner, birthday party celebrations, or simply the times they sat around to solve a puzzle or lego build. I am also convinced dining rooms will come back as a homes must have the same way dressing up for the theater is coming back. You know what I mean.


How to Decorate The Top of Armoires

It’s the spot we always forget about or choose to not think about. You know the space, that space above tall furniture. We all have it. Well, it’s time to stop ignoring it and acknowledge its existence. (Okay, maybe I am sounding a little dramatic, but I swear it is a very important and overlooked cranny!) For real, there is legit design reasons why this space is crucial.


Styling Your Coffee Table and Mantel for Fall

One of my favorite seasons is without a doubt Fall.  There is something to be said for the fresh comfortable air and Fall colors. The kids spend more time outdoors during the Fall then they do in the summer, most likely, because the summer is just to humid here to be outdoors. We even have an outdoor fire pit and living space in the backyard that we enjoy more with these cooler temps and sitting out there last weekend I decided how I was going to decorated my home this Fall. In previous years I have stayed more neutral with a white color scheme but not this year. I always enjoyed the gorgeous vibrant colors of Fall leaves from the yellows, brassy tones, and oranges so this year that became my base. I think. 


8 Ways to Bring Scandi Style to Your Interior This Fall

credit: pixabay
Scandinavian interiors are taking over our homes once again, with a renewed focus on simplicity, function and innovation - just what good interior design should be. Scandis really know hot to create cool, chic spaces that feel simultaneously elegant and homely.

So how can you achieve something similar in your own home? These 8 steps will help you on your way to creating a luxurious and comforting interior.