Depression Era Bathroom Tiles

So you think you are all prepared for demo day. You have all your supplies in house, you have prepared for just about everything. Then the demo crew arrives. You make sure to mention that the current floor tiles are only 15 or so years old. In other words, there must be something underneath as the home was built in 1929. 

However, I was warned that there might be concrete, and if it is, I can expect a large additional cost for all the extra labor to remove the concrete and add new flooring. So I prayed for no concrete.

And guess what was under the 15 year old tile?


Michigan Summer Homes

Michigan is perfection. seriously, just to escape from our crazy life we drive hours to the other side of Lake Michigan to relax and unwind. But, what gets me every time is the style of Michiganers. I follow many great bloggers and stylist and a solid handful of them are in Michigan. I don't know if it is being surrounded by the hills, trees, and lakes that inspire their creativity, but one thing I love about our summers in Michigan are the homes. Their interior styles are summer vacation home perfection. 

Check out these details


Outdoor Summer Living Style Q&A with 30 Second Mom

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the 30 Second Mom twitter chat. I went on to share some of my best tips for outdoor living and summer style. I provided ideas for easy ways to update your outdoor space, how to re-purpose items for outdoor living and a couple styling secrets for hosting guests outdoors. 
Here are the questions I was asked and I only hope I was able to give some useful summer outdoor living and entertaining tips. 


Staining Hardwood Floors Grey

So not sure if you remember, but, a few weeks ago we were in the midst of deciding what shade of grey to stain my clients hardwood floors. We knew we did not want to go the traditional route of dark walnut but give new life to hardwood flooring in this new build. 

We started off by exploring three stain mixes all by miniwax. Classic gray, classic gray with weathered oak 50/50 and then a lighter mix of weather oak and gray

Can you guess what we went with?


Outdoor Summer Barcart

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to host a demo at Cost Plus World Market regarding my favorite design piece, The Barcart. Now, if you don't know, I have an obsession with barcarts, I mean, my pinterest board is hitting almost 500 pins solely on bar / tea carts, oh and yeah, I have blogged about it a few times: Bar Cart Essentials, Styling Serving Carts, Bar Carts, Vintage Summer Barcart...you get my point.
It's not that I am some big boozer (though I love a good cocktail) but they are my go-to design piece for just about any space. You can use them in a dining room as a buffet, or in a living space as a cocktail bar, or a foyer as an entry table, or even as a nightstand in your bedroom. So, when World Market asked me to host an in-store demo showcasing how their outdoor potting bench can also serve as a bar cart, I was like "heck yea."


Wallpaper Powder Room

Adding wallpaper to your powder room or interior space has come back in full force. There was a short period of time that wallpaper was being torn out of homes, and it was all about paint colors, form blues to grays and beiges. Thankfully the beautiful art of wallpaper is making a comeback. Now, don't go all crazy and add grasscloth wallpaper on every single wall in your home. It's more about smaller touches of style. For instance, adding wallpaper to an accent wall in a larger space, in built-ins, or in a powder room. 

When I had the opportunity to help add the finishing touches to a clients build, I knew we had to add wallpaper to the powder room. I also knew we weren't going to have to look any further then Milton & King for our designer wallpaper. My clients wanted something unique in style, color and a little swagger. Which is what I love about Milton & King's boutique-like company. I know I know, you want to see it. Okay, here it is,well, the before first. The bare bones. 

Now selecting wallpaper samples from Milton & King.


Built-in's With Wallpaper

What is the new "it" thing to add to your home? Is the question I am getting a lot from clients and online. Currently, my answer is built-in's. It's something you can add to the structure of your home and not worry about the return in your investment. New builds are adding them around mantels and older homes are adding them to their spaces. 

I added our built-in's 7 years ago and I am still happier than ever with them. They are uber convenient to not only display collections, but truly useful for your books, albums, and knick knacks. We all have them, lets admit it, so make them look pretty. I love how you can change it up whenever you want and give your space a whole new vibe. You can stick with the basic white built-ins, but up your game by adding some detail to the back wall. Here are some of my favorite accent wall bookshelves, and, of course, what I ended up doing with my own.