Outdoor Summer Tablescapes

Summer is all about dining al fresco with great food and beautiful tabelscapes. Also, lets be real, we Chicagoens only got 90 days of summer so we make sure to be outdoors as much as possible. One easy way to enjoy the summer is to eat your home cooked meals outdoors, even if it is just your morning cup of joe. However, if you have the opportunity to host a small gathering al fresco then use your surroundings to decorate your table. Last weekend I hosted our extended families fathers day, you can read all about my outdoor barcart here and here, so I wanted to make sure our tablescape was stellar to celebrate all the "dads" in our family.

Using as much as I have in my yard and home I pulled something together. 


Outdoor Summer Barcart

We all need a barcart outdoors, a real old fashioned barcart. I was recently watching RHOBH (yes I watch it) and one housewife has a bar on every floor of her home including outdoors. Okay, I will agree that this is a bit much (maybe), but she is just thinking of her guests. You all know I have a vintage brass barcart in my dining room so it is only fitting to have one outdoors too, possibly one day in other rooms too. 
A couple years ago I had a home staging client that had a great collection of vintage furniture. One of which was an outdoor bar / tea cart. When she witnessed me swooning over it, she allowed me to grab it for a steal. Hey, I am not one to pass up a good deal. I took it home with me and gave it a little TLC, you can read about that post here. Well, summer is here and I am going to make sure to enjoy my backyard. Our home is not the biggest home, actually, it is what I call "quaint" (nice word for small), so entertaining indoors isn't always ideal. That is why when summer hits Chicago I'm on a mission to be outdoors with my family and friends. 
My outdoor bar cart does change for each event, depending on who is coming and what the theme is, and recently I hosted fathers day for our extended family. Which means some sangria and kid drinks for all.


Decorating Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

A huge thank you to World Market for sponsoring today's post
I am so excited summer is here, cause that means I get to style my outdoor living spaces. Two years ago I started investing in the heavy furnishings for our two outdoor living spaces. We have a side "entrance" deck and a firepit lounge area. All the spaces were lacking in, well, in everything. At the end of last summer I finally purchased our last set of lounge chairs. Yes, I waited for the end of summer sales. So, when summer finally came around last week I was eager to enjoy our outdoor spaces, but then, my heart sank. It was so blah. Like literally, just a bunch of brown furniture with blue cushions. I knew I needed to add pops of color and my one stop shop is World Market.

Check out my sad before pictures. I mean, they are so sad it might hurt.


Womens Cave or She Shed Design

We have all heard of the man cave. Some people even design entire basements around the man cave. Well, what about the women's cave, also known as the She Shed. The "shed" or "cave" can be a room in the home, a space in the basement, or even an exterior she shed, but it is space that is designed for her to be creative, be alone, or entertain her friends.

So, when Chairish asked me to design my women's cave I knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it. For me the space is going to serve three purposes.

My dream women's cave! 
Okay, so how did I incorporate my three main goals


Minted Permanent Clothing Labels

Okay okay I know, clothing labels on my blog. Well, it's a home blog and when I am not working or blogging I am a mom to 3 crazies. I think it is only natural that by the end of the school year moms tend to get more sentimental. I don't think it's just me. I have my first born leaving elementary school FOREVER! Entering the stages of adulthood via middle school in the Fall.

To help with this massive transition (okay, so he isn't going to college but it sure feels like it), his local elementary school takes the entire class for 2 nights/3 days on an outdoor ed trip. For some kids and moms it was no big deal. But for this momma bear it surely was. I literally have not sent my kids away from home in, well, ever. 

I don't think it is necessarily controlling, or over protective parenting but, well, okay, maybe it is. Hey, I only have them with me for a short period of time so I am soaking in every second. 

I am obviously a little controlling and that comes with labels. I don't mean "labels" but literally labels, for their supplies and clothing to go "camping."

These name labels from minted are seriously perfect. See how I went label crazy.


Styling a Vintage Farmhouse Chic Entryway

Recently started working with a new client to finish styling her vintage meets farmhouse chic home. They have great style and have the home 95% completed. They are simply looking for the finishing touches to tie in all the spaces and make it officially feel like their home. 

For the entryway, the homeowner had already purchased the mirror, light fixture and a similar table with wrought iron legs. To complete the look, we needed some art, a new rug, wallpaper (she had already selected) and the finishing touches. 
Here is what I came up with. 

As always, you can shop the look below by scrolling to the right.