Adding A Shower Niche

A shower niche was a must in my bathroom gut remodel. You know when you decide to gut a space, you create a must have list? Well, one of the many on my bathroom remodel was to install a shower niche. No more soap or shampoo bottles sitting at the edge of the tub ALWAYS falling and no more meaningless soap shelves that are just not big enough to hold anything, even a bar a soap.  So, when I was searching for contractors my first questions was, "can you add a niche?" And yes, some contractors said, "cannot guarantee it" or simply "no," and it was at that exact moment I moved on to the next contractor. 

As you may be following, we have gutted the bathroom and now it is time to re-build. 


Light Gray Subway Tiles

I have recently been in the midst of picking out subway tiles for numerous projects. For some projects we have opted for white tiles in larger sizes (staying away from the over use of white 3x6 subway tiles, which I will write about soon, and, for others I have picked grayish subway tiles. Now, why gray? Because it's a trending color? Because it's not white? Because gray is cool? 

Well, gray is a cool color I will admit, besides blue it is my favorite color, but it definitely isn't a recent trend. Many think it is a "trend" that is new to the interior world and will fade out. Oh no my friends, it is a color that has been used in interiors for centuries and FINALLY people are accepting it as a neutral color, like white and beige. Centuries ago and through the years it has always been used as a neutral in the design world. 

You see, the above is of St. Georges Hall in the Palace of Catherine II (Russia) in the late 1700's. Okay, check this one out. 


Updating a Depression Era Bathroom

Okay, so we are one week in and bathroom demo is done. Like any bathroom demolition you find some surprises, the good and the ugly. Remember last week the demo crew jack hammered their way through the floor tiles and discovered the original Depression era basketweave flooring? Yeah, you can read all about that here, I might have cried a little at the discovery, because it would have been oh so beautiful to have salvaged that part of the home. Anyyyway, we enter stage two of demo and start knocking out walls to find what you might always expect, water damage. Just crazy how a vital life source, water, can literally destroy your shelter. 

I was expecting some water issues because we had leaks in the past that we had to fix, remember that time water was coming down the walls into the kitchen below, yup, that happened. Now, I wanted to make sure we tackled the water damage / mold right way. So, here is what we did next. 


Best Foyer Lanterns For A Modern American Farhmhouse

Picking out lantern foyer light fixtures for two projects that I have been working on is always fun. We are in the final stages of selecting all the light fixtures and I want to incorporate a little glam on the traditional aged bronze light fixture. Here I wanted to share my final top picks. 


Depression Era Bathroom Tiles

So you think you are all prepared for demo day. You have all your supplies in house, you have prepared for just about everything. Then the demo crew arrives. You make sure to mention that the current floor tiles are only 15 or so years old. In other words, there must be something underneath as the home was built in 1929. 

However, I was warned that there might be concrete, and if it is, I can expect a large additional cost for all the extra labor to remove the concrete and add new flooring. So I prayed for no concrete.

And guess what was under the 15 year old tile?


Michigan Summer Homes

Michigan is perfection. seriously, just to escape from our crazy life we drive hours to the other side of Lake Michigan to relax and unwind. But, what gets me every time is the style of Michiganers. I follow many great bloggers and stylist and a solid handful of them are in Michigan. I don't know if it is being surrounded by the hills, trees, and lakes that inspire their creativity, but one thing I love about our summers in Michigan are the homes. Their interior styles are summer vacation home perfection. 

Check out these details


Outdoor Summer Living Style Q&A with 30 Second Mom

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the 30 Second Mom twitter chat. I went on to share some of my best tips for outdoor living and summer style. I provided ideas for easy ways to update your outdoor space, how to re-purpose items for outdoor living and a couple styling secrets for hosting guests outdoors. 
Here are the questions I was asked and I only hope I was able to give some useful summer outdoor living and entertaining tips.